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Doing nothing about CWD means nothing May 30, 2014 Wisconsin

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Doing nothing about CWD means nothing May 30, 2014 Wisconsin, Green Bay Press-Gazette 
... 2012 research paper by Stacie Robinson, Ph.D., and Professor Michael Samuel at the University of Wisconsin-Madison... “Wild cervid (deer) populations are unlikely to evolve quickly enough for selection to influence disease management, although long-term selective breeding may be feasible for captive cervids.” [p. 1057] ... the paper also states: Although relying on genetic change may not be viable for short-term disease management, CWD could exert considerable force to drive genetic evolution of host populations on an ecologically relevant timescale, especially in unharvested populations where greater CWD prevalence and mortality risk may lead to stronger selective pressure. [p. 1057]

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