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Feds wash hands of worsening CWD May 15, 2011

Durkin: Feds wash hands of worsening CWD May 15, 2011 Wisconsin Disease

Wisconsin has been testing deer for chronic wasting disease since it was discovered in 2002. In explaining its proposed $14 million cut for CWD monitoring nationwide, the APHIS report reads: "Since these are local or regional disease spread issues, state and local governments should assume a more active role, and better anticipate and plan for future

the following infection-rate increases for Wisconsin's CWD core area from 2004 to 2010:
-- adult does, 4 percent to nearly 8 percent;
-- 1.5-year-old bucks, 2 percent to nearly 9 percent;
-- adult bucks,10 percent to more than 16 percent.

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