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Stop private deer industry from trucking CWD across state February 16, 2018 Wisconsin

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Stop private deer industry from trucking CWD across state February 16, 2018 Wisconsin, Green Bay Press Gazette
...Since CWD’s discovery in three wild deer shot during the November 2001 gun season, CWD has been detected on 18 Wisconsin deer farms, of which 11 were “depopulated.” DATCP has identified 242 CWD cases in captive facilities the past 16 years.  The state’s worst site remains the former Buckhorn Flats Game Farm ..,

DNR reviews its CWD plan February 20, 2017 Wisconsin,Chippewa Herald
... Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was first discovered in Wisconsin white tailed deer in 2001.  ... The rapidly increasing prevalence of CWD in does is particularly troubling. At some point, CWD will begin to interfere with the ability of does to conceive and carry fawns to term. It will also interfere with their ability to successfully raise the fawns. When this happens on a large scale, the population will crash...

Candid talk on vaccine for CWD October 7, 2010 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Chronic wasting disease has cast a pall over the Wisconsin deer herd and the state's deerhunting tradition since it was discovered in 2001. ...The disease is now found in a 9,000-square-mile area of south-central Wisconsin.

Chronic Wasting Disease, Walker discovers sick deer May 8, 2018 Wisconsin, Isthmus
... of the almost 200,000 deer killed last year, only about 9,900 were tested. In the first season after CWD was discovered, over 40,000 deer were tested... CWD had been confined to a few mountain states before it popped up near a game farm in south central Wisconsin. “I know the deer didn’t walk to Wisconsin,” ..,

CWD in Upper Peninsula deer is no surprise October 26, 2018 Wisconsin, thetimesherald
... Minnesota adopted an aggressive herd-thinning strategy after the first infected wild deer was found in 2010 and all but eliminated the disease from its deer herd... Wisconsin took the entirely opposite approach after CWD appeared in the wild there in 2001... The disease first discovered in Dane County near the state capital in Madison has spread to all corners of the state ..,

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