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System Failure Could Have Big Implications for Minnesota CWD Case March 23, 2018

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Wide Open Spaces
... Winona County is home to one of the densest deer populations in Minnesota. It's also home to a captive deer farm that, according to sources, had its entire herd of deer infected with Chronic Wasting Disease... officials found the disease during a mandatory screening ...  in some areas, the fence had sagged to below 5 feet tall...

Rep. Milroy Wants More Action to Combat CWD in Wisconsin March 26, 2018 Wisconsin Ag Connection
...   Rep. Nick Milroy said he is concerned about the recent increase of captive deer and deer farms that have tested positive for CWD...  "Immediate action must be taken ...

Wisconsin Deer Facilities Locked Down after CWD Discovery March 25, 2018 Wide Open Spaces... The Wisconsin deer facilities are over 300 miles apart from each other, but they’re owned by the same company. The facilities were quarantined after officials discovered a CWD-positive deer...

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