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Wisconsin CWD deer management plan September 23, 2011 Disease

Diseases affecting deer, bats dominate NRB meeting September 23, 2010 Wisconsin  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  

... the board approved a 15-year plan for Chronic Wasting Disease in deer..."Wisconsin's Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan: 2010 to 2025."

Since 2002, the prevalence of CWD in Iowa and Dane counties has risen from about 10% to 12% in adult bucks and from about 4% to 6% in adult does.

The DNR has been spending between $2 million and $3 million annually in recent years on its CWD management actions. The 2010-'25 plan will cost about the same, said Lopez.

The plan has the following key actions: focus on herd reduction; carcass transportation restrictions; ensure hunters have access to testing; conduct additional statewide surveillance; reinstate landowner permits from January to March; manage local disease strategically; support scientific and social research; continue food pantry.

It also will utilize sharpshooters to reduce deer numbers, embark on a public relations campaign to increase "recognition and understanding of CWD risks" and work toward a statewide ban on baiting and feeding.

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