Proposed Wisconsin rules would end killing of captive deer August 29, 2013

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Proposed Wisconsin rules would end killing of captive deer August 29, 2013 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
... The changes were prompted after state Department of Natural Resources personnel raided a Kenosha County animal shelter this month and killed a fawn being held there.  The shooting provoked a firestorm of reaction, with DNR personnel getting more than 40 death threats for killing the deer, which had been named Giggles... The DNR would kill an animal only if it were sick or a threat to public health...

Proposal would let Wis. residents keep wild deer August 29, 2013 Wisconsin, Ct Post
  Wisconsin wildlife officials have crafted a plan that would allow state residents to keep deer they find in the wild... DNR officials have endured intense criticism over how they handled a pair of high-profile captive deer incidents, euthanizing one animal named Giggles and nearly euthanizing another named Charlotte before Gov. Scott Walker spared her life...

DNR offers new wildlife policy after deer death August 29, 2013 Wisconsin, 
... state game wardens seized and later euthanized a fawn being held at an animal sanctuary in Kenosha County. The DNR's actions triggered a large and emotional public outcry... The new policy would allow immediate reintroduction of wild animals back into the wild ... also would allow a licensed rehabilitator to care for a wild animal... [also] would allow individuals to care for a captured deer with proper health and disease protections ...

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