Wisconsin Summer Deer Observations (SDO) [PDF] May 18, 2013 WDNR

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... Fawn:doe ratios (FDRs) remained below statewide, regional, and most unit-group 22 year means in 2012. Despite a 21% decrease in the number of SDO observers, the statewide FDR remained the same (0.86) as in 2011. Also, the number of ODW observers declined 42%, but the statewide FDR declined to 0.80 from 0.93 in 2011. Although all regional FDRs remained below 22 year means, the central forest showed a slight increase, but the western farmland had a marked decrease. Fawn:doe ratio estimates from the SDO survey were 10–30% below the 22 year SDO mean in 10 groups, but were 1–13% above the mean in three northern forest groups...

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