Car-killed deer assessments shed light on deer nutritional condition July 1, 2014 Wisconsin

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      Following a record-breaking harsh winter, a statewide effort to assess the condition of car-killed deer is helping researchers understand winter's impacts on Wisconsin's deer herd. This information is in addition to radio telemetry monitoring of deer over the last four years has that has also provided insight into winter's impacts on deer ... 522 deer were sampled statewide during a period when fat reserves were at their lowest point of the year...
      In the southern portion of the state, 40 percent of adult deer sampled had rump fat, while rump fat was present in only 14 percent of adult deer sampled in the north. A greater proportion of deer in the north had little or no organ fat, as opposed to deer in the south. Similarly, bone marrow condition was better in the south than the north, and adults were more likely to have fatty marrow than juveniles in both the north and south.

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