Harsh winter could take toll on state's deer herd January 31, 2014 Wisconsin

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Harsh winter could take toll on state's deer herd January 31, 2014 Wisconsin,  Wausau Daily Herald 
... deer that are struggling to find food... “I’m hearing from loggers up north that are starting to find deer dead,” ... locations such as Bayfield and Douglas counties already are into the “severe” range with plenty of winter left... 

Deer in distress: Harsh winter taking its toll February 1, 2014 Wisconsin, ashlandwi.com 
... “We’re losing deer already,” ... ABC Sportsmen Club has decided to take steps towards helping deer make it through the winter...  they decided to take $3,000 and purchase deer formula and corn by the ton. By using the formula and corn mix, it provides the deer with a food that would be more beneficial for them...

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