U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces $34 Million to Wisconsin from Excise Taxes on Anglers, Hunters, and Boaters April 8, 2014 Wisconsin

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     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will distribute nearly $1.1 billion in excise tax revenues paid by sportsmen and sportswomen to state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies to fund fish and wildlife conservation and recreation projects across the nation. The Service’s Midwest Region received over $210 million dollars from the excise tax revenues....
     Wildlife Restoration Dollars are supporting a collaborative project by the Wisconsin DNR and the University of Wisconsin – Madison to study the mortality of white-tailed deer. The purpose of the study is to provide estimates of buck harvest rates, which will inform Wisconsin deer management and hunting policy. In addition to the buck project, the DNR and university are also partnering to study white-tailed deer fawn survival and cause-specific mortality to help measure population dynamics. The data from these studies will inform deer management decisions and improve hunting opportunities for Wisconsin hunters. Both of these projects have been made in part possible by Wildlife Restoration Dollars.

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