Check out this great opportunity to work for Wisconsin’s elk herd November 6, 2017 Wisconsin

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We need your help! Check out this great opportunity to work for Wisconsin’s elk herd  November 6, 2017 DNR News


To help monitor the elk herd in the Flambeau River State Forest, a camera grid of 100 trail cameras has been designed.  Similar camera grids already exist near Black River Falls and Clam Lake.  These grids will generate thousands of photos each year and are intended to be in place year-round, for perpetuity.  This project is intended to provide an accurate and cost-effective system for monitoring the elk herds.  We expect to be able to estimate abundance, cow/bull ratios, and recruitment annually.  Additionally, we should gain a picture of other wildlife species populations within the elk range.  Through this project, we can rely on you, the folks that care most about Wisconsin’s elk, to put boots on the ground to help monitor the herd. 

So, how can you help?

DNR is recruiting volunteers to help setup and monitor cameras in the new elk reintroduction area in the Flambeau River State Forest near Winter.  Volunteers are also needed to monitor the existing cameras near Clam Lake and Black River Falls. Training and equipment will be provided.

  • Attend a training session or complete online training
  • Deploy provided cameras according to training protocol (FRSF Grid Only)
  • Conduct 4 camera checks each year
  • Commit to volunteering for at least 1 year For each camera check (takes 1-3 hours): Replace SD card and batteries
  • Clear vegetation from around the camera
  • Fill out simple data sheet Following the camera check: Upload photos onto personalized website
  • View and classify photos

Volunteers should have:

  • Transportation to their camera sites
  • Access to a GPS unit or smart phone
  • A working email account
  • An internet connection
  • A computer with Windows operating system

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: Susan Frett, (608) 

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