Marked White-tailed deer announcement October 28, 2011 Wisconsin

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White-tailed deer announcementOctober 28, 2011 Wisconsin, Agri-View 
 ... be on the lookout for marked deer in your area! Last winter, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources ... Part of this [research] effort involved marking (with radiocollars and ear tags) ... help by providing some very basic mortality data, including your name and phone number, deer fate (e.g., harvested, found dead in the woods, roadkill, etc.), date of fate (e.g., date deer was harvested, found dead in woods, observed dead on side of road, etc.), deer location, ear tag numbers, radiocollar frequency and sex of the animal. This is critical data for these research animals. This help is greatly appreciated, call Chris Jacques at 608-221-6358 with any questions.

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