More than 1000 wolves likely roam state April 23, 2011 Wisconsin

More than 1000 wolves likely roam state  April 23, 2011  Wisconsin  Management  Hunting  Green Bay Press GazetteAdditionally, deer kills were at or near record highs many of those years. In my opinion, the overuse of earn-a-buck — and excessive antlerless tags used in units that weren't even under EAB regulations — did far more to reduce deer herds in the past ...

Though the latest overwinter estimate on wolves outside of Indian reservations is in the mid-800s, it's a minimum number and doesn't include all the solo animals roaming the state. It also misses wolves in areas where they are not thought to be — but locals know otherwise.
Research in the Upper Peninsula has shown the coyotes and black bears kill more deer than wolves in areas where all three predators exist.

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