Two study areas in state produce varying deer data September 11, 2011 Wisconsin

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Two study areas in state produce varying deer data September 11, 2011 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Comments from readers

...The D.N.R. was the largest cause of death in this study. That should tell you something....It took that many deer before they found out that they were the problem. 
... The 20% mortality rate from trapping methods by these so called "experts" is completely unacceptable.Frankly, I am shocked they publicly admitted this....Hunters and the front bumper of a car are the main causes of mortality, not predators... this area is 95% private land...the landowners will decide what gets harvested and in what quantities. This is completely driven by the insurance industry lobby to eradicate all deer....The goal is to kill more deer and satisfy the insurance lobby.

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