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Deer Report, Wisconsin DNR should drop local deer goals July 10, 2012 Minneapolis Star Tribune
Wisconsin wildlife officials should scrap local deer population goals, let landowners hold hunts on their property and establish better connections with the public, a consultant hired by the governor concluded in a report released Tuesday.... Texas researcher James Kroll's study focuses largely on the Department of Natural Resources' shortcomings but takes hunters to task, too, saying they expect the agency to maintain a herd so large the landscape can't support it... 

Deer Report, Wisconsin deer report: Less specific population goals recommended July 10, 2012 Pioneer Press
Less emphasis on specific deer population goals and a more "passive" approach to managing chronic wasting disease lead the list of recommendations from James Kroll ... Absent from the report is any specific emphasis upon emphasizing private hunting preserves over hunting on public land ... Kroll does recommend ... more assistance to private land owners who want to better manage deer on their lands ...

Deer Report, Deer Management Assistance Program primer July 10, 2012 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
One of the primary recommendations of the Wisconsin white-tailed deer review ... The program typically includes an assessment of deer habitat on the property and establishment of deer population goals (increase, decrease or stabilize). Landowners and/or hunters are issued antlerless tags specific to the property. Fees from sale of the DMAP antlerless tags are used to fund the program.

Deer Report, Deer czar report overall pretty good July 11, 2012 Wisconsin, Wisconsin Radio Network
Texas deer expert James Kroll says wildlife management is evolving from an art to a science ... George Meyer, Executive Director Wisconsin Wildlife Federation ... says he’ll keep an eye on the recommendation that lets landowners hold hunting sessions on their properties. “How permits get issued to landowners will have to be very carefully done so it doesn’t create privatization of the deer herd. But I do not see the kinds of things that have been voiced earlier by Dr. Kroll in terms of deer management in Texas.”...

Deer report: Involve, listen to huntersJuly 11, 2012 Wisconsin, La Crosse Tribune
Texas deer expert James Kroll has said all along he believes the state Department of Natural Resources can solve many of its deer management problems by simply listening more to hunters and landowners... George Meyer, executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, who was initially skeptical of Kroll’s work, praised the report as being generally positive. He said he especially approved of Kroll’s recommendation that the DNR move away from a “frenetic” pursuit of specific quota and goal numbers to more general goals based on population issues in local areas... 

Deer Report, Experts in region split on state deer report July 11, 2012 Wisconsin, Leader-Telegram 
... Dennis Vanden Bloomen, chairman of the Eau Claire County Conservation Congress, said he is reluctant to toss away population estimates because the DNR needs those figures to make management decisions... Kroll's report implies the number of Wisconsin deer with chronic wasting disease is not increasing, but peer-reviewed studies show the disease is on the rise ... 

Deer Report, Deer partnership plan urged on state herds management July 11, 2012 Wisconsin, Green Bay Press Gazette 
... Kroll and his team are recommending a more passive approach in the CWD monitoring zones and limiting the use of accounting-style population models like the sex, age and kill formula. Instead, the team suggests replacing the current deer management unit goal definition with a simplified statement of increase, stabilize or decrease population density... The team suggests establishing a research steering committee, with representation from user groups, stakeholders and regional DNR biologists and tribal representatives ... 

Deer Report, Deer Czar Krull Releases Final Report on Future of WI Whitetail Hunting July 12, 2012, Wisconsin, Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
... Kroll ...suggests working with landowners to manage the herd with the establishment of a Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) to allow landowners to increase or decrease the number of deer on their property by controlling the number of antler-less permits for specific lands. Landowners would also be looked at as a resource of information for the DNR and expected to provide feedback on their local herd ... To help pay for some of the new programs and new positions, Kroll suggests raising the price of antler-less permits to $12. 

Deer Report, A wild ride as summer of '12 nears midwaypoint July 12, 2012 Green Bay Press Gazette 
... “Everybody should be behind this current predator research project,” said Kroll ... No-hunt refuges will provide challenges to biologists, but Kroll said they’ll have to engage those landowners and make it clear they’re part of the management process. If that doesn’t work, he said property owners nearby and public land managers will have to find a way to make adjacent lands more popular for deer...

Deer Report, Wisconsin wastes money on Walker's 'deer czar' July 13, 2012 Capital Times
... “$125000 of our fishing and hunting fees which came from the pockets of Wisconsin sportsmen and women paid for James Kroll, Governor Walker's deer czar, to tell us what we already know: Wisconsin has some of the best deer hunting in the nation,” [ State Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison]

Deer Report, DNR stands ready to roll up sleeves to preserve, improve Wisconsin tradition July 13,2012 Superior Telegram, Cathy Stepp (secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
... Less than a day after it was released, a press release was issued calling for the replacement of the DNR’s Big Game Management Unit. This is not the time for such demands... we are already moving in a direction of better public involvement, reconnecting with hunters and doing more listening and recognizing the importance of both sociology and biology in our decision making process. This past year we began down this path, and I know our team is working on even more ways to improve the public’s role in deer management decisions ...

Deer Report, DMAP: Privatized Deer Management Tool? July 13, 2012 Wisconsin, Deer & Deer Hunting
... Texas deer biologist James Kroll ... didn’t have much in the way of new suggestions other than abandoning deer herd estimation process and implementing a deer management assistance program (DMAP) ... two things are clear: 1. This is certainly a plea for privatized deer management, and 2. If applied in the same manner as is done in Southern states, DMAP would benefit 0.14 percent of Wisconsin’s deer hunters. As ridiculous as that last statistic sounds, it would still wreak havoc on the DNR’s staff and budget.... 

Deer Report, Deer Trustee report highlights geospatial needs in Wisconsin July 13, 2012 State Cartographer's Office, Jim Lacy
Kroll, commonly referred to as “Dr. Deer” or the “Deer Czar” in some circles, concludes Wisconsin has fallen behind as an innovator in geospatial information services due to the lack of a coordinated program and adequate funding. 
The report goes on to describe in some detail the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS), and their “StratMap” strategic mapping program— a program established in 1997 as a "cost-saving measure to produce, maintain and enhance statewide digital geographic data layers.” The authors note “the economic value of the Texas system has been exceptional, with a high cost to economic benefit ratio and leveraging of state resources.” Through TNRIS, public and private users have easy access to geospatial data layers developed under the StratMap program.
Although his assessment of Wisconsin’s geospatial landscape could be viewed as highly negative to outsiders, Dr. Kroll’s conclusions are not new to most GIS professionals working in the state. 

Kroll Discusses Deer Report Conclusions - July 10, 2012

Deer Report, Surprised? Deer report is not controversial July 14, 2012 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
... "A 21st Century Model for Deer Management in Wisconsin," the final report and recommendations of the state's white-tailed deer trustee ... they suggested using the Sex-Age-Kill model only on a statewide or regional basis, not in individual management units ... the panel recommended the state develop a set of metrics to help set and monitor deer population goals. The report didn't dictate but suggested measures including hunter success, deer-vehicle collisions, agricultural damage, chronic wasting disease incidence, forest regeneration and biodiversity... 

Deer Report, Wisconsin deer report offers welcome changes July 15, 2012 Wisconsin State Journal, Patrick Durkin 
... the thinnest ice that Kroll, Alt and Guynn tread is criticizing the DNR’s deer estimates. None is a whitetail biometrician, and would likely wilt in academic debates with Professor Tim Van Deelen at the University of Wisconsin, who generally defends DNR estimates... Matt Knox, Virginia’s deer-project coordinator, thinks estimates are unnecessary. “I don’t know how many deer are in my home county,” ,,, Kroll said the Wisconsin DNR could better deal with hunters if it collected more data from them... 

Deer report aims for better hunt July 17, 2012 Wisconsin,
... after nearly nine months of study [the deer report concludes}: The "ineffectiveness" of the state agency's efforts to eradicate chronic wasting disease. The agency's complicated process for regularly estimating the deer population... Hunters "often want to see more deer than what the land can sustain," he writes. "And if they don't see sufficient numbers of deer, they demand the wildlife agency take actions to let the deer herd size increase without regard to negative impacts ... 

Deer Czar report is only the first step July 17, 2012 Wisconsin, Pierce County Herald, Letter from Rep. Danou 
... One recommendation from Dr. Kroll is for the Department of Natural Resources to listen more to hunters and landowners. I believe most people agree with this common-sense recommendation... Another recommendation is for the DNR to provide more assistance to private landowners on deer management. Although he did not specifically mention setting up private hunting preserves which exist in Kroll’s home state of Texas... I encourage my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to call a public hearing ... 

Deer Report: Deer trustees pushing passive-aggressive approach July 22, 2012 Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Journal, Patrick Durkin 
... deer trustees last week called for the Department of Natural Resources to immediately take a more passive approach to chronic wasting disease ... But ... rebuked the DNR for its slow (passive?) response in April to the CWD-ravaged doe found near Shell Lake in Washburn County... The DNR’s aggressive disease-eradication efforts ended by 2005, the first time it dropped earn-a-buck requirements for CWD hunts... In New York, the Department of Environmental Conservation found CWD in two wild deer within a half-mile of each other in 2005. Extensive culling and testing of 7,300 deer nearby since then found no more CWD cases... 

Deer Report, 'Dr. Deer' says DMAPs right choice, but not all agree July 27, 2012 Wisconsin, Leader-Telegram
... "The primary goal of most DMAPs is to allow landowners and hunters to work together with the state agency to manage deer on a site-specific basis," the report reads... In Wisconsin deer are a public resource, and allowing landowners to issue deer permits might be seen as a step towards privatizing the herd.... George Meyer, executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation [said] ... "It all depends on how you set up the system. The (Kroll) report is very vague on details of how you do it," 

Deer report only a starting point August 2, 2012 Wisconsin, La Crosse Tribune, Steve Doyle
... Kroll’s report ... recommendation that the DNR provide more assistance to private landowners for deer management. While that is important for issues such as crop damage, if it is also a prelude to “Texas-style” deer hunting, that is the wrong direction for Wisconsin... George Meyer, the executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, has warned that Kroll’s proposed “passive approach” of simply monitoring the disease [CWD] would be a mistake ... 

Deer Report, DNR, public must come together to enact deer recommendations August 12, 2012 Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Journal, Patrick Durkin
... any hunter feeling smug should read the trustees’ report carefully. They should even print part of Page 82, carry it in their wallet and tape it to their mirrors: “Demand(s) by hunters for deer populations to be maintained at densities higher than what the land can sustain, in the long term, is not in the best interest of the deer herd, the future of hunting, or even the hunters themselves. Ironically, by attempting to raise more deer than the land can sustain, they wind up with fewer deer, instead of more, when the habitat gets degraded from over-browsing.” 

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