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Deer trustee preliminary report released March 28, 2012 Wisconsin   , Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog) 
... doesn't offer any specific recommendations ... [the report says]: "Managing deer is fundamentally different than managing most other species of game animals, leading to greater consequences both economically and ecologically. Aside from enormous economic impacts, both positive and negative, deer management has cascading long-term effects on forest ecosystems."

  Walker's “deer czar” issues report attacking DNR management March 28, 2012 Wisconsin, Milwaukee
James Kroll's report found the agency uses outdated and questionable data to build its population estimates, uses outdated methods to track deer registrations, doesn't know enough about how predators such as wolves affect deer ... 

Deer czar: herd estimates are inaccurate March 29, 2012 Wisconsin, WTAQ
James Kroll issued his preliminary report yesterday ... says the D-N-R spends too much time miscalculating the size of the deer herd, and not enough time dealing with habitat and people... the program regarded deer in the disease zones as pests ... the D-N-R’s deer herd estimates are indefensible ...  

Wisconsinites share thoughts on deer czar's report March 30, 2012 Wisconsin, Wausau Daily Herald
Frank Coppenhaver, 66 ... said he agrees with Kroll's conclusion that the DNR suffers from a credibility problem ... "The WDNR has placed an inordinate emphasis on estimating population goals and establishing population density goals (which commonly are not met), while giving much less emphasis to habitat and people," the report said.  

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