Researchers track deer, predators June 23, 2012 Wisconsin

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Researchers track deer, predatorsJune 23, 2012 Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
... Only 6 of 30 (20%) fawns radio-collared in the northern study area in spring of 2011 survived through April 2012. Predation was the leading cause of mortality (16 fawns: 5 to bears, 5 to unknown predators, 4 to bobcat, 1 to coyote and 1 to unknown canid), followed by human hunters (3), unknown causes (3), poaching (1) and vehicle collision (1). In the east-central study area, 27 of 48 (56%) of fawns collared in 2011 were alive this April. Predation, vehicle collisions and natural causes other than predation (such as starvation) each claimed six fawns. Coyotes (4 fawns) were the leading predator in the east-central study area. 

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