Walker Is Not Alone, Nor a Fan of Deer-Hunting May 22, 2012 Wisconsi

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Walker Is Not Alone, Nor a Fan of Deer-Hunting May 22, 2012 Wisconsin, Esquire (blog) 
Walker's already better than halfway to selling off all of Wisconsin's public lands to private pillage, but Dr. James Kroll, the guy Walker has put in charge of deer hunting, takes things to a whole 'nother level. (First hint that Wisconsinites are being sold out? Handing their deer hunting authority over to a guy from Texas.) Back in 2002, Joe Nick Patoski of Texas Monthly wrote a long piece about the battle over deer hunting regulations in that state, and Kroll obliged by doing a half-gainer off the deep end. You see, Kroll doesn't believe in public lands. 

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