Wisconsin Deer Mortality Study [PDF] September 8, 2012 WDNR

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Wisconsin Deer Mortality Study [PDF] September 8, 2012 WDNR
In 2011, roughly 2/5 of the fawns survived from birth to the hunting season in the Northern Forest & ¾ survived in the Eastern Farmland. Leading sources of mortality in the North were predation by black bear, coyote, & bobcat. Leading sources of mortality in the East were natural causes, coyote predation, then road kill. Fawn survival from birth through 2 months was higher in 2012 compared to 2011. Hunting was the leading cause of mortality for male & female deer across both areas. In the Northern Forest, secondary sources of mortality were predation, starvation, & poaching. In the Eastern Farmland, secondary sources of mortality were road kill then wounding loss. 2/5 of bucks & 2/3 of does survived through 2011...

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