Deer-car crashes decline since 2000 March 26, 2011 Wisconsin

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Deer-car crashes decline since 2000 March 26, 2011  Wisconsin Wausau Daily Herald

Most people who grew up in Wisconsin can rattle off at least a couple of occasions when they hit the brakes to avoid a deer in the road. Many drivers say they have hit a deer or expect it in their lifetime. Although car-deer crashes remain a consistent 2000, 139,510 crashes were reported in Wisconsin and the number fell to 108,282 crashes in 2010, a 22.4 percent drop, according to state Department of Transportation data. Motorists reported 16,921 deer-vehicle crashes in 2010, based on preliminary data from the transportation department. That’s a 17 percent drop from the 20,468 reported deer-vehicle crashes in 2000.

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