Oh, Deer: They're soft, furry, cute, tasty - but how many is too many? (summary of urban deer management issues) April 10, 2011 Wisconsin

Oh, Deer: They're soft, furry, cute, tasty - but how many is too many?  (summary of deer management issues)  April 10, 2011

From the 2000 to 2007, the number of gun deer hunters dropped about 7 percent to 600,787. The Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin made some projections of hunter numbers using three different models. By 2030 they expect:

• 430,000 to 580,000 male gun hunters, presently about 550,000....The 2009 deer density estimate was 29 animals per square mile. Estimates of the pre-settlement Wisconsin deer population are 10 to 15 per square mile...The deer density is in the single digits, but within the urbanized areas of southeast Wisconsin, deer will congregate where there's habitat,

.Removal just creates a hole. Other deer move into an area if there's space, Ginnett said. an associate professor of wildlife in the university's College of Natural Resource

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