Deer-ly Departed: Revelation of mule deer 'stop-over' behavior may alter drilling plans in Bridger Teton Forest May 8, 2012 Wyoming

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Deer-ly Departed: Revelation of mule deer 'stop-over' behavior may alter drilling plans in Bridger Teton ForestMay 8, 2012 Wyoming,, By Geoffrey O'Gara 
... Biologists and other scientists are reluctant to weigh in publicly on large-scale public land policy decisions ... Hall Sawyer’s earlier studies of mule deer declines connected to energy development in the Pinedale Anticline have not slowed the expansion of Anticline energy production; but this time, the research is in hand before drilling begins, and it shows that crucial stopover sites along several mule deer migration routes coincide with PXP’s proposed well pads. 

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