2013 Wyoming Big Game Hunting Season Forecast September 3, 2013 Wyoming,

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2013 Wyoming Big Game Hunting Season Forecast September 3, 2013 Wyoming, WGF
... JACKSON REGION:  Deer numbers increased over the last two years because of high over-winter survival. Bucks two years and older should be well-represented this year. Early spring green-up on winter and spring transition ranges allowed bucks an early start on antler production. Summer rains were timely and maintained forbs in a high nutritional state.
    CODY REGION:  While total deer numbers were down slightly, buck/doe ratios remained similar to previous years. That should translate to fair to good hunting conditions—similar to last year...  Elk numbers remain high on the western slopes of the Bighorn Mountains
     GREEN RIVER REGION: Green River region deer herds experienced increased fawn production this summer, with the exception of hunt areas 131 and 100. Overall deer survival was relatively good during the winter of 2012-13 and should result in a slight increase
    LARAMIE REGION:  Mule deer herds across the region experienced good over-winter survival rates and late-summer precipitation should contribute to both good body condition and antler growth
    LANDER REGION:  Similar to pronghorn, mule deer populations have continued to decline over the last couple of years due to poor fawn productivity. Of the six herds within the Lander region where wildlife managers have estimated population size, all continue to be below objective following the 2012 hunting seasons. Overall fawn ratios throughout the region, with the exception of the Dubois and Sweetwater herds, were down in 2012. Buck-to-doe ratios remained relatively stable in most areas.
     CASPER REGION:   following harsh conditions during the winter of 2010-11, subsequent mediocre fawn production, and losses from epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), white-tailed deer numbers are lower than during the early- to mid-2000s ...
    PINEDALE REGION:  The past several years’ liberal seasons for elk have been designed to drive populations down to management objectives while maintaining at least 20 bulls per 100 cows in post-hunt populations. A combination of mild temperatures and negligible moisture continue to hamper hunter success in the Pinedale region despite current hunting opportunities. The Piney elk herd has exceeded its population objective during the last several years. In an effort to reduce this herd, seasons have been liberalized. Hunters should check the elk regulations for season dates

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