Winter Resource Selection by Mule Deer on the Wyoming-Colorado Border Prior to Wind Energy Development April, 2013 Wyoming

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... We used data collected from global positioning system (GPS) collars fitted on female mule deer ... Resource selection by female mule deer revealed similar patterns between active (0600‒1800 hrs) and non-active (2100‒0300 hrs) periods. Deer selected most strongly for proximity to rock outcrops and shrubland, and average values of slope. Deer tended to avoid roads and grasslands; all other landscape features had minimal influence on resource selection (hazard ratios near, or overlapping, 1)... we developed two spatially-explicit maps that depicted probability of mule deer occurrence across the landscape...These maps offer guidance to managing mule deer populations, conserving important seasonal habitats, and mitigating development (e.g., wind energy) in areas identified as important to mule deer.

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