Yellowstone wolves working with bears to bring back berries July 30, 2013 Wyoming

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Yellowstone wolves working with bears to bring back berries July 30, 2013 Wyoming, ·
... In a study recently published in the Journal of Animal Ecology, wildlife researchers from Oregon and Washington identified a decline in elk grazing to more moderate levels, and they found a cause for it in the reintroduction years earlier of the elk-eating wolves.... bears were now enjoying a fruity bounty...

Grizzly Bears Aided by Wolves in Yellowstone July 30, 2013 Wyoming, Net Newsledger 
... The researchers found that the level of berries consumed by Yellowstone grizzlies is significantly higher now that shrubs are starting to recover following the re-introduction of wolves, which have reduced over-browsing by elk herds. The berry bushes also produce flowers of value to pollinators like butterflies, insects and hummingbirds; food for other small and large mammals; and special benefits to birds...

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