The Great Mule Deer Migration and What it Means for You April 24, 2014 Wyoming

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The Great Mule Deer Migration and What it Means for You April 24, 2014 Wyoming, Bowhunting
... they hope to raise awareness on both the federal and private levels. Federal funding does exist which can ease the man-made tensions along the route by adding gates to fences only to be opened at certain times of the year, and underpasses for the deer to cross larger highways. Wouldn’t you want it done for your deer herd? For more information visit their website at

Amazing Mule Deer Migration Discovered in Wyoming April 25, 2014
... Their journey is described in a detailed report that chronicles their adventures, which was produced by the Wyoming Migration Initiative... The Wyoming Migration Initiative is now working on an “Atlas of Wildlife Migration” that details all of the state’s ungulate migrations, in addition to creating an online database to make migration data widely available ...

Group documents new mule deer migration corridor April 26, 2014 Wyoming, Laramie Boomerang ·
...  in the winter of 2011 on a study funded by the Bureau of Land Management, Sawyer equipped 40 mule deer with GPS collars designed to drop off in two years... “We thought they resided here,” ... It’s the longest mule deer migration ever recorded ... “It leads them to a place to maximize their fitness and reproduction.” ...

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