Wyoming hunting forecast: The good, the bad and the ugly March 18, 2017

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Wyoming hunting forecast: The good, the bad and the ugly March 18, 2017 Casper Star-Tribune Online
... On the eastern side of the state, temperatures dropped and snow fell, but most of the deer and pronghorn survived. Hunting seasons may see change slightly in some places ... The western side, however, is a radically different story. It’s possible most of the mule deer fawns born in 2016 in the Jackson and Pinedale areas will have died this winter from record snow and cold ..,

Winter kills wildlife in western Wyoming February 17, 2017 WyoFile
... watched the deer population near his home in Kemmerer begin to dwindle at the end of December. In early January, the fawns had all but disappeared...  Animals younger than 1-year-old die first. They haven’t had time to put on body fat ...

Harsh winter hits Wyoming wildlife Februry 11, 2017 Casper Star-Tribune Online
... Wyoming’s wild animals, particularly on the abundant western side of the state, face more struggles than normal this winter due to heavy snowfall, strong winds and harsh temperatures... The Jackson region, for example, had between 150 and 200 percent of normal snowpack ... Fawn survival ... will be lower than recent years...

Massive snowfall creates wildlife quandary February 10, 2017 Wyoming, Uinta County Herald
...  deer are starving. This year, not only is there snow (and a lot of it), but fluctuating temperatures have caused it to melt and refreeze... the ethics of feeding deer, especially in town, has been an ongoing debate in Evanston for some time...

Dire winter spurs talk about feeding wildlife February 7, 2017 Wyoming, Jackson Hole News&Guide
... A herd that started off winter in the West Bank neighborhood numbering 53 animals has dwindled to 20 or 30 elk ... Wyoming hasn’t fed deer on an emergency basis since the 1970s ... "I have deer literally sleeping up against my house..." [an online discussion about emergency feeding from Game and Fish] ... 

Scientists Regroup After Winterkill Wipes Out Mule Deer Herd Fawns August 4, 2017 Wyoming, Wyoming Public Media
... the Wyoming Range mule deer herd in western Wyoming ... Of the 67 fawn radio collared, all of them died. When their moms couldn’t dig down through the snow that piled up to 175 percent of normal, many succumbed to malnutrition ...

Devastated deer herd offers rare research opportunity August 11, 2017 Wyoming, WyoFile
... Bitter cold and deep snow defined the winter of 2016-2017 in the Wyoming Range...  it was difficult to look at the starving deer in March...  In severe winters about 18 percent to 25 percent of a herd dies ... this winter was so harsh the deer mortality rate is likely close to 25 percent in the Wyoming Range..,

Hunting harvest off to one of the slowest starts ever November 27, 2017 Wyoming, Buckrail 
... After a harsh winter last year took a severe toll on mule deer populations ...  the 2017 big game hunt seasons have resulted in the fewest number of mule deer and elk checked during any one hunting season over the last 25 years [South Jackson] ..,

... with last year’s hard winter, the number of fawns was as low as it has been in many years at approximately 49 fawns per 100 does. The buck ratios stayed decent at 34 bucks per 100 does... This year a total of 6,531 deer were counted in the Sublette Herd, which was a 39% decline from the sample of 10,640 counted in 2016..,

Northwest Wyoming deer, elk hunting challenges fall hunters January 6, 2018 WRAL.com
... Wildlife managers point to the severe winter of 2016-17, which killed many fawns, for the dearth of hunter-killed mule deer.  Elk, which are fed during winter in northwestern Wyoming, fared better as a population but also proved to be difficult to find..,

Last Year's Severe Snows Mean Fatter Mule Deer This Winter January 18, 2018 Wyoming, Wyoming Public Media
... Last year, the Wyoming Range mule deer herd died in incredibly high numbers because of record-breaking snow depths. That same snow, however, meant extra deep grasses for the surviving deer ... the 2017 winterkill was the worst since the 1980s ..,

Wyoming Range mule deer showing signs of recovery January 20, 2018 Outdoor News Daily
...  Mule deer in western Wyoming are bouncing back after suffering harsh impacts from last year’s winter ... The winter of 2016-2017 was one of the harshest and most impactful on big game in Western Wyoming... Many of the fawns were stillborn in May and June of 2017 ...

After difficult years, 'conservative' deer hunts March 27, 2018 Wyoming, Powell Tribune
... Very difficult winter conditions during 2016-17 and poor fawn ratios for the past four years have resulted in herd units west of Powell being below objective ...

... In the late 1980s and early 1990s, mule deer in the herd numbered around 50,000. But a series of bad winters and increased hunting pressure cut the herd down to about 30,000. Wildlife managers tried for years to reach that 50,000 goal again, but realized the deer were not just limited by a bad winter or hunting, but by available food... Fawns born in 2017 after the harsh winter measured on average 6.8 pounds. Fawns born this summer weighed on average almost a pound more...

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