Mule deer recovering, Game and Fish says January 22, 2018 Wyoming,

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Mule deer recovering, Game and Fish says January 22, 2018 Wyoming, Jackson Hole News&Guide
... the animals are rebounding from last year’s deadly winter.  Winter 2016-17 walloped the Wyoming Range and Sublette mule deer herds, which roam into the southern reaches of Jackson Hole, with almost an entire crop of fawns dying ..,

Wintering deer doing OK in Sheridan area February 1, 2018 Wyoming, Helena Independent Record
... We lost some fawns with the cold snap and snow in December ...  in the Sheridan Region ... There were 3,183 white-tailed deer surveyed with ratios of 70 fawns per 100 does and 37 bucks per 100 does recorded...  In the Powder River Herd ... there were 37 bucks per 100 does and 68 fawns per 100 does ... in the Upper Powder River Herd Unit ... there were 43 bucks per 100 does and 70 fawns per 100 does ..,

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... In the late 1980s and early 1990s, mule deer in the herd numbered around 50,000. But a series of bad winters and increased hunting pressure cut the herd down to about 30,000. Wildlife managers tried for years to reach that 50,000 goal again, but realized the deer were not just limited by a bad winter or hunting, but by available food... Fawns born in 2017 after the harsh winter measured on average 6.8 pounds. Fawns born this summer weighed on average almost a pound more...

WYDOT warns of higher deer crossing numbers August 28, 2018 Wyoming, Gillette News Record
... A wet spring across much of Wyoming, followed by summer’s hot weather, spurred the growth of green grass in the state rights-of-way, and deer and other wildlife are moving toward and across highways in higher numbers than usual ...

Wyoming Statewide Hunting Forecast for 2018  August, 2018  
...  in the Wyoming Range Herd Unit in February, 2018 yielded a count of 25,317 deer, and an estimate of approximately 29,000 deer. The mild winter of 2017-18 provided for good body condition and high survival of both adults and fawns, and all indications are that the fawns born in 2018 are robust, healthy, and experiencing high summer survival. This year should really jump-start the recovery of this deer
herd ...

Habitat conditions supporting big game herd health September 17, 2018 Wyoming, wyomingbusinessreport
... Abundant spring and summer moisture across southeast Wyoming this year ... Mule deer populations are increasing, and buck ratios in many places are the highest they’ve been in a decade or more... Most elk herds in the area are larger than the department’s population objectives ..,

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