Elk hunting outlook good, deer hunting 'mixed bag,' says G&F report September 13, 2019 Wyoming, Cowboy State Daily

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Elk hunting outlook good, deer hunting 'mixed bag,' says G&F report September 13, 2019 Wyoming, Cowboy State Daily
... Although a successful hunting season is expected for the Big Horn Basin, most deer populations in Wyoming are down due to the severe winter of 2016-17. However, the Pinedale and Cody regions are seeing large populations and high quality hunting opportunities, with Cody herds expanding into new areas and habitats..,

CWD, Searching for fatal disease, Game and Fish pleads for deer samples November 7, 2019 Wyoming, Powell Tribune
... The department is prioritizing 2-year-old or older mule deer bucks. They still want samples from does, and even white-tailed deer are on their sample list ...  for the area’s mule deer herds.  “We feel like were seeing quite a few fawns this year... If we can get a mild winter, we might get a population increase for the first time in five years.”..,

Sublette County Mule Deer Numbers Look Encouraging December 20, 2018 Wyoming, SweetwaterNOW 
... the number of fawns improved significantly with 71 fawns being counted for every 100 does... improvement from the 49 per 100 does counted last year following the hard winter of 2016-17... proportion of bucks seen also improved to 37 bucks:100 does...

Northern Wyoming range deer surveyed  January 10, 2019 County 10 
... the northern half of the Wyoming Range mule deer herd near LaBarge ...  at 59 fawns per 100 does, they’re still better than last year’s number of 54:100. The ten-year average is just 63:100 ...

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