Cody: Does city love or hate deer? October 4, 2010 Wyoming

Does city love or hate deer?  October 4, 2010  Cody Enterprise  Wyoming   

Most people enjoy the deer in town, but many others think there are too many of them. Either way, the city council has ...

Brown wants to make sure the evaluation comes from the people up, not the council down.

"It's going to work a lot better if it works from the ground up, rather than the top down," she said.

She hopes to accomplish this with the establishment of a citizen group.

Brian Nesvik, regional wildlife supervisor for the Game & Fish Department in Cody, told the council Thursday citizen groups in the past have been the most productive way to develop a solution.

Nesvik says while there are many different ways to handle urban deer, including contraception, removal or deer repellent, each has its disadvantages.

Nesvik pointed out repellent doesn't work well, contraception is expensive and temporary, and removal results in the deer coming back.

He said the best solution is to erect a tall fence around whatever the deer are attracted to.

"If they like the trees, then put a fence around the tree," he said.

Nesvik said there is a regulation that allows the legal killing of deer within city limits with some stipulations.

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