Cody: Public split on 'city deer June 27, 2011 Wyoming

Cody: Public split on 'city deer June 27, 2011 Wyoming Urban Cody Enterprise

Responses from 1546 urban deer surveys received by the city show a 50-50 split regarding deer management. A total of 44 percent of responders said there are too many deer, while 43 percent consider the deer population to be "about the right size." "Regarding specific deer management methods, only one is considered acceptable to the majority of residents and that is damage control by the property owner," According to the survey results, the majority of people do not want to see deer killed. The survey results showed 46 percent of responders consider controlled hunting to be unacceptable, while 41 percent consider it acceptable. A total of 30 percent consider sharp-shooting acceptable, while 57 percent do not. The use of contraceptives to lower the deer count was deemed unacceptable by 44 percent of survey takers, while 35 percent find it acceptable.

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