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How to Provide Emergency Winter Deer Food

How to Provide Emergency Winter Deer Food March 11, 2014 Link to full article from Quality Deer Management

... The best option is to give them more of the winter foods they are already adapted to eating: winter browse. This includes buds and twigs of woody plants... This means breaking out the chainsaw or lopping shears and putting more buds and twigs within reach of deer (like the buds on a twig end ... Use hinge-cutting to drop branched trees and shrubs within reach of deer...

On July 20th 2013 Jim Brauker and Jake Ehlinger presented a workshop on hinge cutting at the Quality Deer Management Association's National Convention. The workshop covered basics of safety and control as well as fundamentals of the 3 main types of hinge cutting for deer habitat.

Volunteers Create Better Habitat for Wildlife in Bradford County January 27, 2019 Pennsylvania, PAHomePage.com
... these fields are going to become a part of a burn unit and we're cutting trees for  browse for deer."... "Cutting trees in the winter time will provide high protein and high calorie browse for whitetail deer and we're also creating an additional edge for species." [deer] ...