Deer Friendly is a not for profit research project supporting deer management, research, and deer rehabilitation. Advertising on the site helps pay for website expenses. Information collected on the site is organized by state and topic to help people with an interest in deer find the latest information. This searchable collection of information is also used to support deer research, examples below.

Research Director: Kent Webb, Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S.E., University of Pennsylvania.  If you have useful deer information  please send it for review to be be posted on this site.  You can also send comments to:

The name for this site comes from a Game&Fish article, Deer-Friendly Forests, an interview with Dave Smith, a veteran wildlife biologist in California, that explains why recent forest management practices and the lack of "cleansing wildfires" have contributed to a long-term decline of the habitat that supports the deer population and other species in California.

Deer Research

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This paper explains how the site searches for and finds deer information:  "Internet Search Engine Capture Success Rates and Mortality Statistics for Hyperlinks to Public News Articles" [PDF] (2016) Issues in Information Systems, Volume 17, Issue II, pp. 25-33.

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