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Wildlife Management Science Decision Making Tools and Objectives  Information related to the forthcoming presentation at the National Wildlife Society's 2010 Annual Meeting.  The presentation abstract  outlines two topics.  First, the use of management science tools with a focus on the tool of adaptive resource management; and, second, the use of tools such as this site for data collection to support decision making.

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Deer Disease articles and research about deer disease.

Fawn Care articles and research

The history of the black-tailed deer has shown both the positive and negative influences man can have on wildlife. During pre-settlement times, ... - Cached
Sitka Black-tailed Deer: Wildlife Notebook Series - Alaska ...
Apr 1, 2010 ... Sitka black-tailed deer species description for the Alaska Fish and Game Wildlife Notebook ... Life history: Fawns are born in late spring. ...

Wildlife Online - Risk Factors and Mortality of Black-Tailed Deer ...... managers attempting to manipulate habitats to benefit deer populations. Keywords: black-tailed deer, Cox proportional hazards, forest management, ... 



The Decline of Deer Populations
 California Deer-Friendly Forests  Now, 16 years later, deer populations and bucks kills recorded by hunters are both in decline from early levels attained in the early 1990s. ... › Hunting - Cached

California's mule and black-tailed deer are in decline.  Historical deer population data.
Northeastern California has experienced the sharpest percentage decline in deer, followed by the northeastern Sierra. Deer populations on ... -

  [PDF] THE CALIFORNIA DEER DECLINE AND POSSIBILITIES FOR RESTORATION by WM Longhurst - - This paper dealing with the possible factors responsible for the decline of deer populations in California is a progress report and a more detailed and ...
North American Mule Deer Conservation Plan - MULE DEER ... From Alaska, down the Pacific Coast of California to southern Baja Mexico and from the extreme ..... decline of mule deer populations over large portions ... -
 - Black-tailed deer, once numerous throughout the woods of western Oregon, are suffering a population decline, scientists reported ...
Blacktail deer populations hanging on, but there's reason for concern
Oct 9, 2009 ... Blacktail deer populations in Southwest Washington are not in crisis, far from it. ... MOVE SLOWLY: Move as slow as a feeding deer. ... - Cached
Spring mule deer survey done
Bismarck Tribune - Western North Dakota's mule deer population has decreased slightly for the second consecutive year, based on observations during the North Dakota G
ame and ...

MULE DEER INITIATIVE Commission Briefing - February 20, 2009, (Oegon).  Issue:

Researchers and wildlife managers generally concede mule deer achieved maximum abundance during the 1950s and ‘60s. Since then, mule deer have declined across the West, including Oregon. The most recent decline appened during the early 1990s and, though not fully understood, it is believed to be primarily due to the combined effects of drought and severe winters. Historically, deer populations rebounded quickly after such climatic extremes. However, in recent years, production and survival of fawns have remained at depressed levels. Low recruitment, severe winters, dry summers, changing predator/prey relationships, and increased habitat loss have pushed mule deer populations lower than the department and public desire.

 Example of a Deer Population Collapse



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