All about animals [herding urban deer with dogs] April 23, 2012 British Columbia

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All about animals [herding urban deer with dogs] April 23, 2012 British Columbia, Cranbrook Daily Townsman
A conference hosted by the Columbia Mountains Institute (CMI) ... "Urban Wildlife: Challenges and Management" ... Chris Jobe of Canine Solutions (, from near Medicine Hat ... Using a quartet of ducks as a model and her border collie Fly, Jobe demonstrated a herding technique that was used last year in Waterton, which involved herding urban out of town just before fawning season. Jobe said the method worked remarkably well in Waterton, and added that she experienced not a single instance of aggression from the deer towards the dogs. She said the behaviour of the ducks while being herded was very similar to that of the deer (except the deer had a bigger "flight window")

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