Data on deer shows no clear trend June 6, 2012 British Columbia

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Data on deer shows no clear trendJune 6, 2012 British Columbia, Victoria News, Nabhraj Spogliarich 
I carefully examined the deer population trend and deer-vehicle collision statistics attached to the deer managementterms of reference posted on the Capital Regional District website... the population of black-tailed deer on Vancouver Island is estimated to be in the 45,000 to 65,000 range. This number is virtually identical to the 2008 estimate. According to the second report, deer collisions and deer fatalities within the CRD have been up and down over the same period, showing no clear trend. Therefore, both the deer population trend and deer collision statistics reports are inconclusive at best and certainly do not support the general claim of an “exploding deer population,” as widely reported in the media.

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