Does the buck stop here? Better Urban Planning May 28, 2011 Canada

Does the buck stop here? Better Urban Planning May 28, 2011 Canada Urban Hamilton Spectator

In Dundas Valley, there are opportunities for the deer to go beyond the valley and migrate,” says Firth-Eagland. In Iroquoia Heights, he adds, urban development and infrastructure, such as the Linc, Highway 403 and residential subdivisions, have literally hemmed in the conservation area, leaving the deer with no safe passage to come and go. “When we’re short-sighted and entrap them like that, we have to pay the consequences,” Firth-Eagland explains. “Iroquoia Heights is a brilliant example of limited planning.” “Everything has a living spirit,” he says. “So, the health of that ecosystem isn’t just a biological matter. The relationship between these creatures, including us, is very important. He later cautioned committee members against heavy-handed solutions like a mass kill, and promoted co-operation with the Haudenosaunee in light of their holistic and forward-thinking approach to wildlife management.

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