Grand Forks: Deer committee has a draft management plan March 30, 2011 Canada

Deer committee has a draft management plan  March 30, 2011 Canada  Urban  Grand Forks Gazette

....Some of the methods have already begun....These include informing the public on what happens when deer are fed, as well as signage that will be placed around the Trans Canada Trail, depicting information, drawn by school children.

The more drastic measures, such as relocation and sharpshooting, are included in the draft, which is far from being implemented.

Moslin said that those options that lower the number of deer in town were included because of the results of deer survey.

“The majority of people wanted (the number of deer) reduced somewhat,” Moslin said, adding that reducing to 2007 levels would result in a 30 to 40 per cent reduction.

Taylor also talked about a contractor, Jim Kujala, who works just south of the border and specializes in relocations and trapping....“In the relocation that he did, which was approximately 100 deer, that he did in the Republic (Washington) area, he had one death by what he assumed was a heart attack, and one broken leg,” Taylor said. “So a very low mortality rate.”...The feeding issue is the biggest issue they had in Republic, and Taylor says that in those places that feed the deer, the population has gone right back up to what it was....

The mayor said the quote for relocation runs about $250 to 300 per animal and involves the animals being rounded up in a squeeze and then relocated to an area approximately 60 to 120 kilometers away....

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