Kimberly: Deer population management in Kimberley December 23, 2011 Canada

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Kimberly: Deer population management in Kimberley December 23, 2011 Canada, Kimberley Daily Bulletin
... the decision to perform a cull of 100 animals has been made and that will begin in January... The government permit allows Kimberley to take 100 deer, mule only... "White tails must be released,"   [ Coun. Darryl Oakley]   said. "We don't want to use our tag up on white tails. Mules and white tails are two different species. A white tail's response to fight or flight is usually flight. A mule deer is opposite. They fight." ...  counts last year had the population at about 240 animals. He believes that no count sees all the deer and you need to add 30 to 40 per cent to that.

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