Royal Botanical Gardens, RBG awaiting numbers of native deer culled at Arboretum December 20, 2013 Canada

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Royal Botanical Gardens, RBG awaiting numbers of native deer culled at Arboretum December 20, 2013 Canada, Hamilton Spectator
... The hunt was upsetting to some residents and they staged a protest outside the Arboretum on Old Guelph Road.   Robert Panchyson of Burlington termed it a "slaughter" and "travesty." ...

The Royal Botanical Gardens invited hunters in to kill up to 20 deer, to protect their lilacs, they said. This is a short walk around one kill site, one day after the week-long hunt. There were many, many similar sites throughout the fields and forests. WARNING: there is blood on the snow where deer were cross-bowed, then ran for their lives, shedding more blood. December 21, 2013, Canada

A second video taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington/Hamilton, after a week-long deer hunt. Evidence of how hunters baited the deer with food, and then just picked them off. But the long trails of blood also indicates the deer are never killed outright but run, bleeding out ... December 22, 2013

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