Effect of Concentrate Supplementation on Feed Consumption, Nutrient Utilization and Blood Metabolite Profile in Captive Spotted Deer (Axis axis) (Avena sativa) and Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) Fodders Based Diet C Suresh, A Das, S Katole, M Saini, D Swarup - Zoo Biology, 2013

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This experiment was conducted to determine the optimum level of a maize–
soybean meal–wheat bran concentrate supplement fed to captive spotted deer fed an oat and berseem fodder-based diet. Twelve adult spotted deer [64–76 kg body weight (BW)] were distributed into three groups of four each and were housed individually ... . Supplementation of forage only diet with 0.5 kg of concentrate mixture increased intake and digestibility of nutrients, without change in body mass. Animals fed 1 kg of supplementary concentrate received energy in excess of requirements, were consistently gaining body mass and were prone to obesity. Thus, it is a right strategy to supplement forage only diet of captive spotted deer with 0.5 kg of concentrate.