Big deer cull 'would hurt rural Scots' March 8, 2013 Scotland

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Big deer cull 'would hurt rural Scots'March 8, 2013 Scotland, Scotsman
“Many of these communities are struggling because deer numbers have fallen so low. Culling at the levels suggested could lead to empty glens if sustained. Conservation would work better ..." Scottish Gamekeepers Association ... " ... This study misses the point about deer distribution in Scotland entirely  ..."

Huge deer cull 'would be a rural disaster' March 8, 2013 United Kingdom, This is Cornwall
... Culling half of the UK's deer population spells disaster for many rural communities, gamekeepers have warned. While the Westcountry is likely to be one of the hotspots for a cull, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association has spoken out against the plans ...

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