Drive to protect urban deer from city peril July 12, 2011 United Kingdom,

Drive to protect urban deer from city peril July 12, 2011 United Kingdom,  Scotsman

WILDLIFE bosses are to launch new protection for the growing population of deer living in towns and cities across Scotland. Airgun and dog attacks, as well as poaching are among the problems increasingly emerging as hundreds of roe deer ...SNH has found about 200-300 roe deer living in the north-east of Glasgow on nights when thermal imaging work has been carried out....Mr Hammond added: "It's not a bad thing that we've got all these deer here - it's a good thing..."People don't have to go up to the north of Scotland to see deer - they can see them on the way to work in Glasgow or Edinburgh.".."Deer are the largest animal people are likely to see in their own backyard and offer a great opportunity for environmental education and to encourage people to get out to see and enjoy deer...There are about 350,000-400,000 red deer in Scotland while the numbers of roe deer - which are moving into cities - are less clear, but could be just as numerous....

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