Second Night of No Deer Kills in Richmond Park November 4, 2010 United Kingdom

Second Night of No Deer Kills in Richmond Park  November 4, 2010 Indymedia UK  Yesterday evening, anti-hunt activists were again patrolling Richmond Park in London with the aim of preventing any deer being shot in the proposed cull. ..

We would like to make it openly clear that we take it upon ourselves to prevent the slaughter of 200 deer per year in Richmond Park and that, despite claims, this is far from a cull. It is quite clear that this is an organised shoot with the aim of bringing in money for the Royal Parks by selling deer carcasses to upper class restaurants. If it was a case of controlling the deer population, much more efficient means could be used such as feed-based contraception, sterilisation or the relocation of animals. The Royal Parks are also feeding the deer, with the direct result of a population boost - far from controlling the numbers!

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