Sellafield, Three deer culled at Sellafield April 3, 2014 United Kingdom

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Three deer culled at Sellafield April 3, 2014 United Kingdom, ITV
... The animals were killed after they were trapped between two fences on the site...

Sellafield, Nuclear site deer culled April 11, 2014 United Kingdom, The Westmorland Gazette
... Initially Sellafield said between five and 12 deer were involved but it turned out just three were trapped...

Sellafield in new row over culled roe deer April 30, 2014 United Kingdom,
... Member of the group Marianne Birkby claimed Sellafield enticed new wildlife into the area with new woodland and then trapped them with new fences.  She said: “They’ve now been killed and tissue harvested from the increasingly threatened native roe deer...

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