This page supports a presentation to the Wildlife Society's Annual Meeting,
 "A Survey of Wildlife Management Science Decision Making Objectives and Methods"   Presentation Abstract


Management Objectives and Policy by State in USA  This link leads to policy statements from a survey of state web sites developed to help manage wildlife and deer.  Among the mission statements and defined management objectives, a few states provide measurable goals related to some aspect of wildlife management such as the target deer population for a habitat. Overall mission statement objectives are not precisely measured although survey input is commonly used to estimate constituent satisfaction with some aspects of the management goal.

Adaptive Resource Management, at least four states provide documentation on the internet for their use of this approach--Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Montana, and Colorado--in an effort to move toward a management science approach, but with some controversy attached.

International Objectives Much less information about government objectives is available outside the USA. 
Urban and Suburban Management  Links to information and news stories related to this often contentious decision about management on the urban/rural interface.  
Transportation   Vehicle collisions 
with deer and other wildlife continue to be an important issue in defining management objecttives

Deer Disease  Chronic Wasting Disease and other illnesses create problems for wildlife health while Lyme diseases like Lyme and Rabies create human health risks.
Public Surveys Efforts to engage volunteers and the general public to help with data collection.  Also, surveys of public opinion on wildlife issues to help with policy decisions.  The "add your deer info to the map" link on the home page of this site is an experiment in data collection. 

Geographic Information Systems and Mapping Links to research and articles on system approaches to collecting data with technology such as cameras and tracking devices. The map on the home page displays data collected from internet sources and volunteers. Map of California Central Coast Deer using public input. 

Population Estimation and Habitat Analysis  Links to research and tools, mathematical modelling efforts.  Deer population numbers have fluctuated dramatically over the past century. Many western states such as California find they have declining deer populations because of habitat loss, forest management, and other factors that are not clear. 
Wildlife Management Science  Academic literature related to methods of wildlife management science.