Fawn Care Resources 
If you see a fawn lying alone in the forest, its mom probably put it there for safety. Fawns are born with very little scent so they can hide in the forest and avoid predators. The doe will check on the fawn, but will go out to eat and leave the fawn alone for extended periods so as not to attract predators. Unless you know the doe has been killed, a fawn is best left alone. One way to make sure a fawn is truly orphaned is to check back periodically from a distance where a mother will not see you. Even with an orphan, another doe will often take care of the orphan if they are old enough to survive on their own.  

You can often call your local animal control officer for advice.

Spotting a Fawn in Trouble
... One clue to watch for are curled ears... “If the ears are curling like a flower that’s about to wilt, that means it’s dehydrated, and something possibly happened to the mother,” ... Another sign of danger are clusters of ticks around the eyes. That could mean blindness... [from Wild Heart Ranch in Oklahoma].  " 
     "If the ears are crumple and the deer was standing up and crying.
The crumpled ear tips mean that the fawn is dehydrated and mom is gone.
The baby needs help!!!" [from Mountain View Wildlife Rehabilitation]
     Mother deer will clean their fawns frequently, it reduces their scent.  An unclean fawn is another sign it is in trouble.

Fawns are milk dependent for approximately the first five weeks of life.  If their mother dies, they will starve.  Beyond that age a fawn can survive on its own if there is adequate food and water, and no other threats such as predators or traffic.  Goat's milk is a readily available substitute.  Cow milk is not a good substitute and can kill the fawn.  Milk designed for deer fawns is commercially availableInstructions.

We purchased an Avent Heavy feed milk bottle from Kroger and first of all we used goats milk straight out of the refrigerator at Kroger. The heavy feed bottle is for babies that drink heavy without introducing air to the flow. Then we Googled what we should be doing and found that the Tractor Supply Company had a baby feed that included Colostrum, essential for them to develop. Just like human baby milk, it includes all of the elements they need to grow without mother's milk, not perfect, but does the trick. - September 11, 2019

     A fawn may have seizures if wrapped in blankets, but covering their eyes with a towel or a sock with the toe cut out can reduce stress.  Small fawns are typically transported in a dog caring case.


Lacey police find baby deer in hotel bathroom June 16, 2021 Washington, KING5.com
... The hotel guest said they took the deer back to their room because its mother had been hit by a car. .. “They didn’t want to leave the baby deer alone,” ...That’s exactly what they should have done, said Washington Fish and Wildlife officer ... once a deer has contact with a human, it’s hard for them to survive in the wild.  [Not true, a persistent old myth used to scare citizens.  The couple should have contacted a fawn rehabilitator, which is where the fawn went] ...

Keep your hands off deer this season and every season June 17, 2021 Texas,
Beaumont Enterprise
... A recent study conducted by Texas wildlife rehabilitator Ann Connell found that, in some years, 40 percent or more of the deer fawns referred to her were not orphans or injured, but "kidnapped" from their mothers, according to TPWD...

Abandoned fawn becomes a dear friend for Zalas family August 16, 2020 Indiana, South Bend Tribune
...  Does often leave fawns for up to 12 hours.  A day later Clint returned to the island and the fawn was still in the same spot and no mom anywhere.  The fawn was not cleaned off from birth and was stressed... it had the signs of dehydration such as curling of the ears ... [lives free and mingles with other deer] ...

Baby deer suffers seizures after being wrapped in blankets ... August 3, 2020 United Kingdom, Daily Record
... A baby fawn was fed cow’s milk, which can cause life threatening illnesses to deer ... In another incident a fawn was found by the charity having seizures as a result of being wrapped in dog blankets..,

Raising Deer - How to Bottle Feed a Whitetail Deer Fawn
... My husband and I received our first Whitetail fawn when she was a ... Guinea Pig Supplies - The Top Seven Items You Will Need to Care For ...

Patient of the week: Mule deer fawns July 22, 2020 California, The Malibu Surfside News
... California Wildlife Center is caring for five orphaned mule deer fawns... When the deer first arrive, they are bottle-fed goat's milk because it is gentle on the stomach. They are slowly transitioned to a milk replacement formula specific to their species... All five deer had to be treated for a viral infection ...

CWC's Patient of the Week: Mule deer fawn August 5, 2020 California, The Malibu Surfside News
... Deer are prone to a condition called capture myopathy, which is caused by stress when they are handled or trapped by people or predators. Extreme overexertion and strain of the nervous system can lead to muscular breakdown... Once it occurs, rehabilitators can only provide supportive care ... Staff tried hand-feeding the deer wild grape leaves ...

Deer researchers see face coverings differently August 27, 2020 Georgia, Phys.org
... face coverings are used to keep the animals calm ... fawns are manageable with just a tiny covering slipped over their eyes—most often, it's just a ...a baby sock with the toe cut out ...

[PDF] A quantitative analysis of the feeding behavior of suckling black ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
A quantitative analysis of the feeding behavior of sucklihg black-tailed deer Odocoileus hemionus columbianus ...

Taking Care of a Fawn Hit by a Car - August, 2012

Mother deer will leave babies for up to 12 hours a day July 1, 2020 British Columbia, BC Local News
... Mother deer will leave their babies for up to 12 hours a day so even if the mother is not around it has probably not been abandoned unless you see a dead mother nearby...

This man found a fawn where? Its momma had a good hiding spot August 9, 2020 Mississippi, The Clarion-Ledger
... a deer fawn hiding behind a planter on his front porch ... Does have been known to bed their fawns near homes, apparently for safety... if you find a fawn, leave it alone because the mother is most likely nearby and will return to care for it...

The Tales Of Thor The Deer: Abandoned, Rescued, Rehabilitated August 27, 2020 Oregon, Patch
... "The fire was moving toward the house," ... He's too young to fully take care of himself even without a fire... he was dehydrated and that he had messed himself," Dawn says. The last part was another clear sign that he'd been left, since mother deer usually clean their babies ...

Deer fawns are being born; leave them alone, urges DNR May 9, 2016 Minnesota, News Releases - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
... Fawns do not attempt to evade predators during their first few weeks of life. Instead, fawns remain still to avoid being seen, their white spots serving as camouflage. During these times fawns are learning critical survival skills from their mothers. Bringing fawns into human environments separates them from their mothers – and usually results in sad endings for the animals. “We understand people often have good intentions, but we want people to know that fawns survive best without intervention,” ... visit the orphaned wildlife page.

Some state do not allow fawn rehabilitation and will kill orphans.  Check to see if there is a deer rehabilitator in your state.

FWP euthanizes baby deer that brought to fire station - June 17, 2021 Montana