Fawn Care Resources (for wildlife rescue centers)
If you see a fawn lying alone in the forest, its mom probably put it there for safety. Fawns are born without sent so they can hide in the forest and avoid predators. The doe will check on the fawn, but will go out to eat and leave the fawn alone for extended periods so as not to attract predators. Unless you know the doe has been killed, a fawn is best left alone. The best way to make sure a fawn is truly orphaned is to check back periodically from a distance where a mother will not see you. Even with an orphan, another doe will often take care of the orphan if they are old enough.

[PDF]  Fawn Care Guidelines Dr 
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Fawn Care Guidelines. Dr. Cliff Shipley 2008. Birth: Allow fawn(s) and doe to bond/nurse. If cold, multiple births, or doe fails to claim fawn ...


Fawn Protocols - FAWN PROTOCOL - REGION 3 

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Fawn - Care in Captivity', contains natural history, maps, drawings, diagrams, biological data and a complete guideline for the care of fawns from rescue to ...

Raising Deer - How to Bottle Feed a Whitetail Deer Fawn 
 My husband and I received our first Whitetail fawn when she was a ... Guinea Pig Supplies - The Top Seven Items You Will Need to Care For ...


Survival Rates of Rehabilitated Fawns

[PDF] A quantitative analysis of the feeding behavior of suckling black ...
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A quantitative analysis of the feeding behavior of sucklhg black-tailed deer Odocoileus hemionus columbianus ?*.r~issron is hffwy granted to rbe NAT~ON& ...

Taking Care of a Fawn Hit by a Car - August, 2012