Wildlife Management Science Organizations
The Wildlife Society  "TWS’s mission is to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners, and others who work actively to study, manage, and conserve wildlife and its habitats worldwide." Publishes the Journal of Wildlife Management, conducts regional and annual conferences.
Wildlife Online - Journal  In 2007, JWM includes articles on basic wildlife management science, as well as content formerly published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, ...

George Wright Society  strives to be the premier organization connecting people, places, knowledge, and ideas to foster excellence in natural and cultural resource management, research, protection, and interpretation in parks and equivalent reserves.  Supports research and holds annual conferences.  Named for one of the first researchers to do wildlife surveys.
Deer Net:  DeerNet summarizes Internet resources dealing with the ecology, management and economic utilization of hoofed mammals. It reflects the research interests of the Wildlife Productivity and Management Program at the University of Alberta but is intended as a comprehensive resource for students, managers and scientists.

The Australasian Wildlife Management Society promotes the use of science to identify appropriate wildlife management principles and practices, to develop plans of management and to implement and review these plans within a social, environmental, economic and political context.
Wildlife management  research site in the U.K.   The programme works with Government providing the research to inform the ongoing development of wildlife management and ...