Examples of Volunteer Organizations Involved in Deer and Wildlife Management

(USA)  Quality Deer Management  Association a non-profit wildlife conservation organization dedicated to the future of whitetail deer.   This link to the Hudson Valley chapter explains their idea of collecting data to support deer herd management decisions:  

Collecting deer data: Antler spread, Antler ...

(Scotland):  Cairngorms, Speyside Deer Management Group:  It is generally recognised that red deer, while being a vital wild resource and the source of significant employment opportunities, may be destructive, and some areas have to receive protection from them. Again the extent and severity of that protection has to be a topic that involves all land managers in the area.

Deer management groups provide the forum for these discussions. They are composed of representatives from each estate in the group area. These groups have been evolving for over 40 years, with the impetus for that evolution being very much at the hands of the estate owners.

(USA) BlacktailCountry.com  A discussion group of deer enthusiasts.  Many think the rise in the mountain lion population is the reason for the decline in deer numbers in California.   
Coyotes, Wolves, Cougars Forever  A blog spot promoting predators.