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...  a dead mule deer with its head removed was discovered January 20, beneath the Cushing Street light rail bridge over the Santa Cruz River... Just two days later, on January 22, Game and Fish was tipped off about remains of another deer, this time in a cooler...

 January 21, 2015 Arizona, The Outdoor Wire
...  The Arizona Game and Fish Commission honored the recipients of the 2014 Commission Awards on January 17 including three Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) volunteers and MDF's Arizona Regional Director...  Get involved at

Ride, watch, listen: What to do over the long weekend January 16, 2015 Arizona, Arizona Daily Wildcat
...  drive down to Kartchner Caverns State Park and you can experience one of the stunning natural landscapes that’s practically right in our backyard. Drive north to Picacho Peak and you’ll get to feed some ostriches, deer and adorable lorikeets ...

Big Game Hunters Need To Speak Up Now January 13, 2015 Arizona, Payson Roundup
... In a Jan. 7 recent news release, the Arizona Game and Fish Department asked for public input on future big game management in the state... Many hunters in the Rim Country had concerns about the deer and elk seasons and the number of tags being allocated per unit in addition to the number of hunts offered.  Now is the time to let your voices be heard ..

Wolves get more area to roam in Ariz., N.M. January 13, 2015 Arizona,
... Under the Fish and Wildlife proposal, livestock owners could kill any wolf that is biting, wounding or killing livestock on federal land. Pet owners could do the same... The last count in January 2013 showed at least 83 wolves in the wild in the two states...

State Vows Lawsuit To Stop Wolf Plan January 9, 2015 Arizona, Payson Roundup
... Arizona Game and Fish filed its lawsuit threat this week in an attempt to block a proposed expansion of the 15-year-old federal recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolves. ... Critics of the wolf reintroduction effort say they fear the wolves will drive ranchers out of business by preying on cattle and sheep and reduce hunter success by preying on deer and elk.

... up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of those responsible for the crime.  The deer was killed in the early morning hours on New Year's Day off Old Sycamore Road just outside of Mayer ... call the OGT hotline at 800-352-0700

January Is Archery Deer And Javelina Season January 6, 2015 Arizona, Payson Roundu
... During the cooler temperatures of winter and the rut being very active, deer have a tendency to move all day. This increases the chances of at least seeing a few deer in a day’s hunt ... The purchase of a $45 deer tag can be used in January, late August, or mid December in some units ...

Here's Poop in Your Eye: Studying Deer Scat for Science January 5, 2015 Arizona, Indian Country Today Media Network
... For young Navajo wildlife worker Chase Voirin, scat is where it’s at—specifically, the droppings of mule deer on his 28,000-square-mile reservation... hopes to assess the diet of two distinct populations of mule deer on the Navajo Nation.   “This study will provide the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife with dietary information on their deer population ...

White Mountain Wildlife Compilation Video December 5, 2014 Arizona
Arizona Outdoor Adventures presents a video compilation of the sights and sounds of White Mountain wildlife, including herds of Bull Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Wild Turkey, and Antelope. All “White Mountain Wildlife” shot throughout the White Mountains of Arizona. Please visit for more White Mountain information and also to learn more about our purpose.

White Mountains, Arizona. - December 5, 2014

NAZ Today reports Game and Fish have been investigating a poaching case where two deer were left to waste near Kingman, Arizona. At the height of deer season, the two bucks were shot unlawfully and the person responsible will face criminal charges. A $750 award is being offered for information on this incident. With any information on this incident or others, call Operation Game Thief at (800) 352-0700. - December 1, 2014

Feds favor expansion of endangered wolf territory November 25, 2014 Arizona, CT Post
... The last count of wolves showed there are a minimum 83 in the wild. Wildlife officials said they would work toward managing a population of 300 to 325 wolves ...  livestock owners could kill any wolf that is biting, wounding or killing livestock ... Deer and elk on tribal lands also would be protected.,,

Possible wolf sighting north of Ruidoso November 22, 2014 Arizona, Ruidoso News
... "We were able to save the deer by getting the wolves to release her throat and flee after a 20-second vicious attack," Thomas wrote. "Thank goodness I didn't shoot the wolves, because later when I got on the Internet, I discovered these animals were Mexican gray wolves, an endangered species protected by both federal and New Mexico law."... 

Two Tucson men apprehended for poaching November 18, 2014 Arizona, Arizona Daily Star
... poached three white-tailed deer, including one which had twin fawns ... Evidence also indicated that the men were allegedly involved in over 150 game violations ...

North Rim wolf set for capture, testing November 7, 2014 Arizona, Arizona Daily Sun
 ...The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued an emergency permit Thursday allowing researchers to capture and conduct DNA testing on a creature seen near the Grand Canyon that resembles a gray wolf...  the beginning of deer season in northern Arizona as one of the factors that forced the agency’s hand...

... In 2005, the Arizona Game and Fish Department reported that a preliminary diet analysis of Mexican Wolves revealed that their diet is comprised of about 75 percent elk, 11 percent small animals and unknown sources, 10 percent deer and four percent livestock. At that time, there were a total of 70 confirmed or suspected cattle killed by wolves and ranchers had been reimbursed a total of $34,000...

White-tailed deer near the Catalina Mountains in Tucson... October 29, 2014
... White-tailed deer in southern Arizona, big-horned sheep around Flagstaff, and prong-horn sheep around Prescott are all gone... "The overwhelming cause of population decline is transformation of the landscape," ...

... AZGFD is partnering with the Bureau of Land Management to improve mule deer habitat in Unit 16A through a series of prescribed burns to re-open and re-invigorate some of the state’s desert shrublands that have become overgrown with thick vegetation.  The Wildlife Restoration Program provides grant funds for wildlife and habitat conservation projects through a federal excise tax paid by manufacturers on firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment... “Both these popular species are currently below population objectives, and conventional thought is that poor habitat quality impedes their recovery,” ...

Arizona Deer-Vehicle Collisions October 13, 2014  Hamilton Journal News
... The lowest odds of hitting a deer in the continental states — 1 in 1,270 — went to Arizona drivers ...

How do you say that Coues SHOULD BE pronounced? October 13, 2014
COWS (6 votes [11.54%])
COOZE (46 votes [88.46%])

... Commission chair Robert Mansell contends the current proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ... does not contain the elements required to manage wolves in balance" with deer, elk and other land uses ...

Tale of a Buck - The life of a male deer through the seasons October 1, 2014 Arizona, WMI central 
... In spring our buck is at ease and happy to be alive. He is munching on new sprouts ... Summer has our bucks’ antlers pushing skyward with greater growth... [Fall] Our buck is in a frenzy only known to wild creatures ... Winter quickly shocks our buck into sobriety...

Mama deer respond to the cries of human babies September 17, 2014 Arizona, Science News 
... Mule deer and white-tailed deer will respond to the distress calls of babies outside their own species, including humans, as long as those cries fall within the same frequency range as young deer, Susan Lingle of the University of Winnipeg in Canada and Tobias Riede of Midwestern University in Glendale, Ariz., report September 5 in the American Naturalist...

Northern Arizona Chapter September 10, 2014 Mule Deer Foundation
... MDF Northern Arizona Chapter in Flagstaff Arizona invites you to their 2nd Annual Banquet on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Doors Open at 5:00 PM; Dinner at 6:00 PM
Location:  Jake's on the Green, 2380 North Oakmont Drive, Flagstaff ...

Reward Fund in Redington Poaching Case Now Totals More Than $3000 September 4, 2014 Arizona, Copper Basin News
... The latest reward offers make the grant total for an arrest or conviction in the case up to $3,100.... A White-tail doe and two yearlings, a buck and a doe were found shot dead Aug. 22 near Mile Marker 14.8 off Redington Pass Road. Also found dead were two fawns... call Operation Game Thief at 1-800-352-0700

Deer Data:  The 2014 drought, worst in 110 years, has devastated deer populations in some areas, about 135,000 deer in 2014. The post-hunt 2009 mule deer population was estimated at 75,000 to 80,000 [see p. 6, Hunt Arizona 2012], the white-tailed population was estimated at 70,000 to 75,000.  The all time high population was around 1961 when hunters took 35,897 deer [see p. 7].  A second, more recent peak in the early 1980's with the deer declining through until about the year 2000, about stable since then.  The states decision to go a buck-only hunt in 2000 has had no appreciable impact on the population. 
   Despite a serious overpopulation of deer on the North Kaibab in the 1920s, deer numbers appeared to decline in the rest of the state. In 1929, the mule deer season was closed south of the Gila River, and even as recently as 1946, fewer than 5,000 mule deer were harvested.  For reasons that are still unclear, deer populations began to increase, 1961 was the all time high.  Poor fawn survival reduced the harvest to 16,000 by 1970. A series of droughts since then have kept populations down. [Hunt Arizona, p. 7] Whitetails comprised less than 15 percent of Arizona’s deer harvest in 1961, nearly 40 percent in 1998 , and just over 40 percent today. The 2013 deer survey found 23 mule deer bucks per 100 does, 26 whitetail bucks per 100 does.

Report Poaching:  call Operation Game Thief at 1-800-352-0700 or report online at:   Rewards up to $8,000.

Other useful links:
Arizona Deer Association   - Volunteer to provide water to deer and other wildlife   Hunters can help monitor chronic wasting disease
HabiMap.Org a wildlife information system to help the state in conservation efforts, 300 layers of wildlife data and interactive maps
Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Center at 623-582-9806.  Information on fawn rescue and other wildlife issues. 

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